What is HTTPS that people need to care about and update in SEO projects and is a plus point to improve rankings on Google, to better understand HTTPS is a method that encrypts the connection between browser and server connection. to ensure that your information is not stolen by bad actors. In this article, we will install HTTPS and how to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in wordpress to enhance website security.

Why do you need to switch your HTTP website to HTTPS ssl?

At the time of 2018, google warns users that the website is not updated and is not secure https, so they affect SEO points. Almost 80% of websites today use SSL Let's Encrypt which is completely free. Once Google Chrome warns you of a dangerous red color that your website is not safe, there is a chance that your website has no blood left to survive.

So this is why you need to install and update HTTPS right away and forward HTTP to HTTPS.

Disadvantages of not using SSL on websites

Information is not confidential.

website not secure https

One of the main benefits of SSL is that it adds secure information against attacks from various intrusive sources where you don't use HTTPS, which in turn hinders users.

Great influence from Google search engine (SEO).

Currently, SEO has the influence and advantage of websites with HTTPS, so most old pages are stuck with resources with HTTP. In fact, the ranking is still up, but Google still gives priority to the pages with safety protocol on top.

Sign up for a free HTTPS SSL certificate

There are many agencies that provide different certification information depending on the source of your website, if you are a small store then maybe choosing free is suitable for your needs, but if you are in business business or the owner of a commercial website or a special web site is more ok than you should buy a premium certificate to ensure, update user information when accessing your website.

To register for a free HTTPS (SSL) certificate you follow the basic instructions on the two ways I mentioned below.

HOSTING matbao .

First, login to your HOSTING package , then go to the CPANEL admin section and go to the Admin Panel.

Next, click on the SSL / TLS Certificate and install.

On aapanel VPS .

Step 1: Access to Server > select Website information > select Conf corresponding to the Website to be configured.

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears, move your mouse to the SSL list > select the domain name to be registered for SSL then click Apply and wait for the results.

Set the site to switch from HTTP to HTTPS wordpress

After the SSL installation is successful but you access HTTP, you still have not seen Secure, this requires a few more steps because the site has not redirected HTTPS to HTTPS In this section the setup is extremely simple. .

Change https path information in wordpress admin

After logging in to the admin admin page, if you ever forget the path or how to access the wordpress admin , please enter the / admin or / wp-login.php path to login.

change url http to https

Then just select the menu category Settings > Overview > Change WordPress address and Web site address (HTTP to HTTPS) then click save.

Configure redirection to HTTPS .htaccess wordpress file

Just copy this rule and add it to the .htaccess file and save the file update, your wordpress page will almost be redirected to HTTPS.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]


How to use wordpress plugin to redirect HTTP to HTTPS

If your wordpress hosting does not support instructions or update installation features, fortunately you do not need to do anything manually, just install the Really Simple SSL Plugin 

Advantages of using Really Simple SSL plugin:

  • This plugin updates the URL path for your website to HTTPS always in admin settings.
  • At the same time, the SSL Plugin 301 redirects to all existing links on the website, increasing the plus points in SEO, so you have peace of mind when you successfully install SSL.

On the wordpress admin page you just need to find the plugin and install and use, after you successfully activate the version> You choose to activate SSL and wait a moment (About 30 seconds to 2 minutes) then check Check the external link to see the results. Good luck

Check the site for redirected HTTPS

To make sure that if you enter the URL http://freemonday.com in your browser, it will automatically redirect to https://freemonday.com successfully or not.

Then, you check that the "green lock" ( SECURE ) on all pages of your website is working. If successfully verified, the result will show the lock is secure.

Fix when Google Chrome warns Wordpress red

Unfortunately, during your time using wordpress website is in green status, suddenly redirects to a red screen showing that google has recognized your wordpress website to be intruded by hacker. The reason for this case is that you have not updated the wordpress version or the untrusted plugin version and you have not kept good security in your site.

There are also some errors you need to consider needing wordpress security :

  • Hosting uses an IP address that is untrustworthy, given by google in the blacklist (Need to specialize in other reputable HOSTING).
  • Using SSL authentication is not good due to HOSTING provider.
  • Do not update core in wordpress or plugins regularly.
  • Using bad codes leads to wordpress error.
  • Update and renew SSL regularly to avoid expiration of license (If purchasing license SSL).

What if updating wordpress version is faulty

The problem here is that updating also improves security, but some libraries like jQuery take place quite quietly and quietly. When using the new version, the old file is no longer in use, so an error will arise.

But you do not worry about this problem, the HTTPS switch does not affect the error except you upgrade or update wordpress version.

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